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Sometimes participating in a clinical trial requires going the extra mile. Your doctor may not be familiar with every ongoing clinical study so you may need to conduct your own research to find the right trial. There are several resources that provide listings of ongoing trials and what the eligibility requirements are:

The National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Studies Support Center will conduct free searches of clinical trials over the phone. Call toll free: 1-888-NCI-1937 is a valuable site and good starting point to find additional information about clinical trials and begin a search for government sponsored studies. The site also includes recent developments and clinical trial results.

Cancer Information Service (CIS) or 1-800-4CANCER (1-800-332-8615 TTY) is a program of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the nation's lead agency for cancer research. The CIS is a resource for information and education about cancer and a leader in helping people become active participants in their own health care by providing the latest information on cancer. This service provides referrals to clinical trials and cancer-related services, as well as a number of other services for people with cancer. lists new drugs in development for major cancer types and shows their development status. This site is sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). is sponsored by the Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups. The site contains basic information about trials for patients, caregivers and professionals. It also includes an overview of the Cooperative Group System, which conducts more than half of the cancer clinical trials now under way, and lists trials that the groups are conducting.

Centerwatch provides an extensive list of IRB-approved clinical trials being conducted internationally. Resources on the site include: a listing of promising therapies recently approved by the FDA, confidential e-mail notification whenever relevant new trials are listed on the site, a system to match patients to trials, and three comprehensive drug directories, including a Clinical Trials Results database on study results since January 2000. offers clinical trial applications and custom services. The site features a tool called the NexProfiler that helps a patient and their medical team gather information about their particular disease and receive a series of customized reports that display and explain the treatment options and outcomes generated specifically for the patient.