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"Obviously, when I was diagnosed I had one objective -- and that was to be cured and to survive the illness. In cycling or athletics you set your sights on an event or a record or a time and you go for it…So when I was sick I said, 'This is what I want -- I want to get better and I want to live a normal life." -- Lance Armstrong

Any craftsman or athlete will tell you that the tools of the trade determine much of the success or failure of any project. Here are the tools that helped me win my race against cancer.


You may be healthy now, but you never know what obstacles you may encounter further down the road. Just as a rider wears a helmet to prevent injury, know your risks for cancer and take steps to prevent it. Protect yourself from advanced cancer with self-examinations and medical screenings.


The gears on a bicycle control speed and allow adjustments to the pace. In the race against cancer, you may need to switch gears from time to time to allow your body and emotions to adjust.


With cancer, there are always options at each part of the race. Use your handlebars to point you down the right path. Remember, you are in control. Take charge of your treatment, ask questions, get other opinions, and empower yourself with information.


The pedals are the power source of a bicycle. The bike's movement is determined by the rider's pressure on the pedals, just as the momentum of treatment is determined by the patient's desire to move forward as a cancer survivor.