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Our lives are busy and pressure-filled enough. Add to that the concerns about your illness and treatment, worries about family, and the uncertainties of your future, and stress takes on a whole new meaning. Rest assured, though, it is a normal reaction to a cancer diagnosis.

Everyone reacts to stress differently and at varying degrees. It is important for you to reduce your stress and concentrate on the positive aspects of life. You can do this by:

Examining the stresses in your life and making an effort to eliminate the small things so that you can focus on the larger issues. Delegate chores, cut back on work hours or lower your standards/expectations in your daily life so that you have time and energy to concentrate on your more immediate concerns.

Relaxing your mind with techniques such as biofeedback, rhythmic breathing, muscle tension and release, imagery and visualization, and hypnosis. Information about these approaches can be found at your local library.

Rediscovering or strengthening your religious or spiritual life. For many, prayer is a form of inspiration and relaxation.

Keeping your illness in perspective by maintaining as normal a routine as possible. Allow yourself to enjoy each day and focus on the treasures in your life--family, friends, work, and hobbies.